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A Reliable and E cient Smart Rack, Packed with State-of-the-Art Features for the Safety of Your Data



  • 42U IT Enclosure with rack baying for 2 or more racks 5-fold welded CRCA Steel frame
  • Enclosure rated to IP54
  • Compliance to EIA 310 Standards
  • Load bearing capacity of up to 1200 kg
  • Screw mount side panels
  • LH & RH Swappable doors
  • Usable space of a minimum of 28U
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Electronic locking system
  • Accessories include trays and blanking panels


  • Rack mount AC, 3.5-10kW capacity and least U space Use of environment-friendly refrigerant
  • Highly e cient split type, bottom mount AC
  • Uniform bottom to top throw air cooling
  • High rate of air flow
  • Option of with or without redundancy
  • Scroll type compressor


  • Rack mount UPS, 3-11kVA load rating with LED display Typical battery backup up to 15 minutes
  • 0.9 Power Factor
  • Rack-mountable VRLA Batteries
  • Lead acid batteries optional
  • Optional redundancy


  • 32A, two x 16A, with MCB, LCD display
  • 3m power cord with industrial plug
  • IEC Socket: 24 outlets: C13 20, C19 4
  • Basic PDU or IP-based PDU with surge protection Socket level monitoring
  • 2 to 4 vertical PDUs per rack
  • Customizable as per requirement


  • Rack-based 1U unit or
  • Cylinder type unit mount outside of rack with tubing Novec 1230 suppressant
  • VESDA option
  • Backup power for 1U fire suppression & detection unit


  • Electronic locking system with RFID/Biometric/Swipe card options for front and rear door
  • Access logs entry provided on integration with
  • DCIM or RMU
  • Alarm for unauthorized access
  • Automatic rear door opening systems
  • SMS and Email alerts


  • Software for web-based real time monitoring of
  • IT infrastructure
  • 1U Rack mountable hardware
  • Event logs and performance monitoring
  • Alarm management
  • Integration with rack cooling, power and sensors Email and SMS Alert management
  • Scalable solution


  • Temperature and humidity Water leak detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Air flow
  • Automatic door control
  • Vandalism Sensor
  • Rodent Sensor


  • P-based dome/bullet camera

  • 1TB storage

  • NVR also available

The FEARSOME Fivesome

Five major threats are biting at the heels of your costly data every day. And TSDPL's TRYNOX® protects your business against all of them.

Threat #1: Heat

Servers are most susceptible to data corruption due to the sheer heat generated by the hardware. Ordinary comfort air-conditioning  is insufficient to remove the sensible heat generated by machines. That's why TRYNOX® has a built-in 3.5kW to 10kW Precision Air Conditioner to remove sensible heat and keep ambient temperature around your servers under precise control. It is put through rigorous performance-testing before the rack is delivered, meeting ASHRAE’s standards for cooling data centres.

Threat #2: Fire

Establishments, especially in these days of costly real estate, are densely packed with 'heat generators' such as computers, servers, printers, and even pantries with heating devices, all of which draw heavily on power and can cause short-circuits and fires. TRYNOX® comes with an inbuilt fire detection and suppression unit using environment-friendly Novec 1230 suppressant (VESDA optional) to bring accidental fires quickly under control.

Threat #3: Theft and vandalism

Industrial espionage is on the rise, and data is a costly commodity in the market these days. To protect your precious data, TRYNOX® incorporates biometric/RFID-based access control systems with a card reader and numeric keyboard, as well as an NVR-based dome/bullet camera with a HDD of 1TB space.

Threat #4: Environment

Excessive humidity, water seepage, dust, corrosive gases, and heat, are all enemies of data. That is why it is important to be aware of the environmental condition of your server. TRYNOX® comes with advanced sensors that monitor the environment both inside and outside the unit, and raise alarms when critical levels are breached.

Threat #5: Power glitches

Servers lose data most during power fluctuations and outages, especially if they occur while data is being written into or read from the hard drives. That is why TRYNOX® has an in-built rack mountable 3kVA to 10kVA UPS with a typical backup of 10 to 15 minutes, giving you adequate time to either switch to other sources of power or shut down servers if the grid fails for longer.


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Hardware is protected by rack-based fire detection and suppression systems using environment-friendly suppressants and option of VESDA and rack-based surveillance and storage over NVR. Environment sensors are provided at multiple locations in the Micro Data Centre to continuously monitor the environment.

The TRYNOX® Micro Data Centre

Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited (TSDPL, a Tata Group company) now brings you comprehensive IT protection ideally packaged in highly secure, cost-effective and quick-to-deploy smart micro data centres designed for Edge environments, that not only guard your precious data from all common threats but are eminently affordable too!

Fully loaded with features such as redundancy, data management, and scalability, the TRYNOX®  data centre’s in-built rack cooling, uninterrupted power supply, security and remote management. Despite all these features, the compact unit still provides you a minimum of 28U space for your 19” equipment such as servers, routers, and switches.

In-built software helps you manage optional redundancy for IP-based cooling and power solutions.

Connected to intelligent and easy-to-use data center infrastructure management software, it is possible to manage and monitor your data through real-time insights.

The integrated nature of the TRYNOX® eliminates the

need for raised floors and false ceilings to incorporate external cooling systems and cabling networks, making the installation compact and helping in quick deployment with the minimum use of resources.

What Makes TRYNOX® Unique

Deploy quickly and easily with no need for raised floors or false ceilings

Connect and protect your valuable assets and infrastructure with minimal hassle

Improve performance with in-rack cooling to suit requirements from 3.5KVA to 10KVA

Enjoy peace of mind with optional redundancy for IP-based cooling and power solutions

Stay in control with connectivity to data centre infrastructure management solutions

Enhance eciency with maximum usable space for mounting rack-based equipment

Ensure fire safety with rack-based fire detection and suppression systems, eco-friendly suppressants, and the option of VESDA

Protect against breaches with the option of rack-based surveillance and storage over NVR

Manage and monitor performance with real-time insights through environment sensors

Save cost and time with easy maintenance and low cost of ownership

Do your bit for the environment with TRYNOX® Edge’s low carbon footprint

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