Floor Mount Gets Built on Its own!

The Floor Mounted racks has been designed in such a way that it is easy to Assemble and Install with several high end features. Flexibility in 19” standard size for compatibility with TRYNOX PDU’s, Cable Managers, Keyboard and Fixed Trays with other accessories.


Standard rack configuration is of 5 fold welded frame with 4 nos. of pillars made from 1.5 mm thick CRCA sheet and is welded from top to bottom for reinforcement. This is joined to top cover and bottom cover having air cooled ventilation for exhaust of hot air. Front door having provision of glass as well as perforation with adequate ventilation at the rear door. Both the side panels are fitted with slam latches for easy removal.

Front and Rear Door


  • Degrees of Ingress Protection, IP 20
    according to IEC 60529
  • Degree of Impact Protection, IK 08
    according to IEC 62262
  • Corrosion Resistance through Salt Spray
    test according to ISO 9227 for 168 hours
  • Weight Carrying Capacity (Certified through In-house Tests – 1250 kg
  • Process validations through NABL laboratory
    ensures a Compliant & Robust Product

Powder Coating

  • Fine texture matte finish achieved through Expoxy polyester Hybrid Power.
  • Booth is designed to prevent excessive powder loss to comply Environment regulations.
  • Booth deploys modern Recycle & Auto Reciprocator system to deliver required DFT. Standard being set for 60-80 Microns for our standard product range. 

Design & Manufacturing

  • Top Cover with Facility for Cable Entry and Fan Mounting
  • Side Panels with built in ventilation.
  • Front door fitted with 4mm toughened glass and locking arrangement.
  • All parts are surface treated, and powder coated in State-of-Art Facility.
  • Wall mounting is facilitated through built in engineered arrangement. 

The Powder Coating ensures the following

  • 60 – 80 Micron powder deposit.
  • Fine Texture Finish for Aesthetic appearance.
  • High Scratch resistance against any sharp object.

Earthing Solutions

  • DIN standard earthing solutions are available on request.
  • Clean earth system with a Electrolytic Copper 99.99 % Pure, running as per demand is possible to configure in factory-built assembly with leakage current results and certifications.  

Specific Features

  • Ergonomically designed for safe handling.
  • Engineered for no sharp edges. 
  • Full depth mounting variations.
  • Ensure space for better cable management. 

Our Standard Stackable range

A Full 42 U Rack will include the following

  • Fully perforated/Honeycomb front door with CAM/3P locking system.
  • Single/Split fully perforated/Honeycomb door with rear CAM/3P locking system.
  • Single/Split Side doors with Slam Latch locking.
  • 4 Nos. of 19”Rails
  • Top Cover with provision for 4 nos. of Fan units
  • 2 Nos. of full height cable mounting brackets
  • 4 Nos. of Casters – 2 with Brake and 2 without Brake
  • Mounting Bolts (Optional)
  • Mounting Hardware (includes cage nuts, washers, screws etc)
  • Unique Keys for the respective Locks
  • 5 Ply Carton packaging with edge protectors


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